PokéSpain and Victory Road unite efforts in the Pan-Hispanic draft league of the season!

It is with pleasure that we announce that the III Victory Premier League is now joining PokéSpain‘s XI Hispanic Premier League, or HPL. The beloved Pan-Hispanic competition is set to celebrate the tale end of the 7th Generation by combining both Smogon and VGC formats.

For this occasion, 8 teams with 2 managers each will compete to come out on top as the best. For each team, one of the managers comes from the lands of Smogon, whilist the other rises from the VGC universe. While the sign ups are still open, the draft will take place online on Sunday the 3rd of March. Matches will begin the following day, on Monday 4.

salamence-mega Victory Road Competing Teams

IconTeamManagersTeam Info
Necrozma alas de alba iconGuardians of MoonlightLuispako & NbajulianTBD
grovyle Victory RoadTime Gear ThievesJoya & ZaelTBD
excadrill Victory RoadOwners of HellSoulwind & Xx3OTBD
lycanroc-midnight Victory RoadThe WolfnightsMrGarces23 & JuananTBD
gogoat Victory RoadRNGoatsWeegah & PromanTBD
vikavolt Victory RoadAeropepinos Pokebasket & YanguasTBD
skitty Victory RoadKawaii;GateRaichy & MandexTBD
rapidash Victory RoadCaballeros del amanecerEeveeto & TenzaiTBD
Guardians of Moonlight
  • Luispako
    • Discord:  Luispeikou#1220
    • Twitter:  @luis_6cobo
  • Julian
    • Discord: KawaiiNaziPotato#4996
Time Gear Thieves
  • Joya:
    • Discord: Joya#0677
  • Zael
    • Altina#9359
    • @Zaelinium
Owners of Hell
  • Soulwind
    • Discord: Soulwind#8770
  • Theo
    • Discord: Th3O#3818
    • Twitter: @Xx3O_
The Wolfnights
  • MrGarces23
    • Discord: MrGarces#7309
    • Twitter: @MrGarces23
  • Juanan
    • Discord: JuanTKD95#5904
    • Twitter: @NietzTKD
  • Weegah
    • Discord: #Alvarofd#8250
  • Proman
    • Twitter: @PromanVGC
  • Yanguas
    • Discord: Yanguas#8072
    • Twitter: @Y4NGS
  • Pokebasket
    • Twitter: Pokebasket
  • Raichy
    • Discord: Raichy#6630
  • Mandex
    • Discord: Mandex#0444 
Caballeros del Amanecer
  • Eeveeto
    • Discord: Eeveeto#8309
  • Tenzai
    • Discord: Tenzai#1489

salamence-mega Victory Road The format

Once all teams have built their winning team, ranging from 14 to 26 players depending on how the managers distribute their budget, weekly rounds will kick off the action on March 4. All teams will fight each other at least once, and the top 4 will advance to play-offs. The tiers for each week’s matches will be distributed as follows:

  • x2 Sun & Moon – Over Used (SM OU) 
  • Sun & Moon – Uner Used (SM UU)
  • Sun & Moon – Rarely Used (SM RU)
  • Omega Ruby & Alpha Saphire – Over Used (ORAS OU)
  • Black & White 2 – Over Used (BW2 OU)
  • VGC 2019 – Ultra Series*
  • x2 VGC 2019 – Moon Series
  • VGC 2019 – Sun Series
  • VGC 2018
  • VGC 2017

*From April 1st and on, 2 games of Ultra Series and 1 of Moon Series will be played, adjusting accordingly to the format shift occuring on the same date.

salamence-mega Victory Road Sign ups

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