Get ready for your next season with us – Presenting Dialga Cups!

As some of you might remember from 2016 and 2017, Dialga Cups are online events hosted by Victory Road where players opt for prize money and travel awards. Now that the 2019 has just begun, there’s no better time to get your team ready and get extra financing for your season!

Format & Rules

Dialga Cups will be hosted throughout the entire VGC 2019 Season, and all 3 Series (Sun, Moon and Ultra) will be played depending on the date each tournament is celebrated. Regardless of which Dialga Cup you’re taking part on, all of them will follow some common regulations:

  • Event structure: Best of 3 Swiss rounds + Single-elimination Best of 3 Top Cut bracket. Each round is played within 50 minutes upon pairings are announced.
    • Up to 32 players: 5 Swiss rounds + Top 8 Cut
    • 33-46 players: 6 Swiss rounds + x-2 Cut (all players with 2 or fewer losses advance)
    • 46-75 players: 7 Swiss rounds + x-2 Cut (all players with 2 or fewer losses advance)
    • Over 75 players: 8 Swiss rounds + x-2 Cut (all players with 2 or fewer losses advance)
  • Platforms:
    • All games will be played on Pokémon Showdown (server/room will be anounced for each event separately).
      • All players are required to save game replays and post them on Battlefy.
      • All games have to be played with timer conditions turned on right from Team Preview.
    • Players will contact with each other through Battlefy, where pairings will be randomly generated for each round and standings can be followed by anyone.
    • Any anouncements to be made by our staff will be posted on Twitter and/or our site.
  • Regulations: all events will follow the GS Cup general ruleset (which can be found here) as well as specific Series regulations.
  • Entry fee: $5.30 USD / €4.50 EUR / £4.10 GBP
    • Some specific Dialga Cups might have different entry fees.
    • Entry fee can be paid through PayPal or Bank Transfer.
  • Prizes: based on attendance (check out down below)


  • Late Show: if a player shows up late to its game, regardless of the status of the tournament or the round played, it will receive one or multiple game losses:
    • 10 minutes: Game 1 loss
    • 20 minutes: Game 2 loss (thus, round loss)
    • Multiple late showings in the same event might result in a disqualification.
    • We strongly recommend you to avoid delaying your games upon contacting your opponent on Showdown.
  • Ghosting: if any player is proven to be ghosted (helped by other players already eliminated or not playing in the event), the aforementioned player will be automatically disqualified from the event.
  • Team Sheet modifications: should any player modify any of his team’s Pokémon, items, moves or any other characteristics, the player will be automatically disqualified. 
  • Alt accounts:
    • Fake identities are forbidden. Each player must use its real name when registering.
    • No players can enter the tournament multiple times by using different accounts. Should any cases be detected, all accounts will be disqualified.
  • Any situation not detailed will be individually studied by Victory Road’s staff.


Regardless of attendance, roughly 75% of the entry fees (3.5€) will be directed towards the prizes of the own event, whereas the other 25% (1€) will be used as a prizepool increaser for the Invitational Events (more information down below) and other maintenance costs of Victory Road.

  • Up to 32 players:
    • Winner: 100% of the event’s prize pool
  • 33-75 players:
    • Winner: roughly 75% of the event’s prizepool
    • Runner-up: roughly 25% of the event’s prizepool
  • Over 76 players:
    • Winner: roughly 60% of the event’s prizepool
    • Runner-up: roughly 25% of the event’s prizepool
    • 3rd Place: roughly 15% of the event’s prizepool

Invitational Event

At the end of each VGC 2019 Series (Sun, Moon and Ultra), an Invitational Event will be taking place. The best players from each event in a series will face off for more prizes in a free & exclusive event that will be broadcasted on Twitch.

  • Sun Series Invitational: 30 December 2018
  • Moon Series Invitational: March 2019
  • Ultra Series Invitational: June 2019

Depending on each Dialga Cup’s attendance, the following players will qualify for an invitational event:

  • Up to 32 players: Winner
  • 32-75 players: Winner & Runner-up
  • Over 76 players: Winner, Runner-up & 3rd Place (winner of the losers finals)


Sun Series

Dialga Cup I1 Sep 18Eric Rios
kyogre Victory Roaddialga Victory Roadtapu-koko Victory Roadincineroar Victory Roadkartana Victory Roadamoonguss Victory Road
Dialga Cup II16 Sep 18Jamie Dixon
xerneas Victory Roadtapu-bulu Victory Roadtapu-koko Victory Roadincineroar Victory Roadludicolo Victory Road
Dialga Cup III11 Nov 18Eric Rios
kyogre Victory Roadlunala Victory Roadtapu-koko Victory Roadincineroar Victory Roadkartana Victory Roadamoonguss Victory Road
Dialga Cup LCQ29 Dec 18This could be you!Sign up now!


Sun Series Invitational

2 Sep 18Eric RiosI Dialga Cup
2 Sep 18Victor MedinaI Dialga Cup
16 Sep 18Jamie DixonII Dialga Cup
16 Sep 18Sergio Gallego-CasildaII Dialga Cup
27 Oct 18Juan Antonio FernándezSantiago MSS
27 Oct 18Guilherme MartinsSantiago MSS
27 Oct 18Yeray ArrivíSantiago MSS
11 Nov 18Florian HenryIII Dialga Cup
11 Nov 18Alejandro ReazaIII Dialga Cup
28 Nov 18Alban BadinDugtrio Challenge
28 Nov 18Alexandre LissardyDugtrio Challenge
28 Nov 18Adam CherfaouiDugtrio Challenge

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